Wednesday, 25 September 2013


How much do you rely on looking at someone to realise it is them?

Who do you think you would be able to recognise without any hints of their physical body? That is; no scent, no voice, no looks, no touch and no taste of them. Would you be able to recognise anybody without that? What are without that? Maybe that is another dimension completely - a question for another time.

Could you honestly say you are so uninhibited by the human obsessions of appearance that could love someone without their body? Could you love without the five senses? Is it possible, can humans do it?

When you love someone you notice and memorise odd little things that you would have never thought to look for before. It's as though you want to remember everything about them, and to see everything of them. Every new discover makes you fall in love all over again. But, even if you stop loving someone, do you forget these things? Is that why people say 'the ones we loved always stay with us'? You can recognise them from almost nothing, you never forget.

Are soulmates people who know each others soul? That is, everything they are. Without being anything at all. No physical body, nothing that would adhere to any of the five senses that we know of, nothing to detect.

If I was a soul, not in the body I'm in now, would you still be able to recognise me? Does anyone know me that well? I don't think so.

A body is so temporary in the grand scheme of things. When you die, what happens? Nobody alive knows, or no one has convinced me of it yet. Your memories and words can be passed from person to person and live forever. You should write or say what you want people to remember.

When you look at a person. When you love a person. Do you love what you know of them or do you love their soul? From what I understand, a soul could take many forms, not necessarily physical. When you look into someone's eyes and say, 'I love you', do you understand what you are saying? You is are much more important word than it is given credit for. Everyone goes crazy about the 'love' and forgets what the hell they are 'loving'.

You is so general so unspecific. You isn't the physical body and what you can see, smell, touch, taste and hear. You is what you address when you are looking into someone's eyes and imagining their brain working under their skull and what they are seeing through their eyes, something blurry and sparkling sort of across their collar bones, something that is there when they reach out and touch with the end of their finger, when they breathe out, when they look out you. That is what 'you' is.

'I' is nearly as important. When you say 'I' you mean the same as 'you' but for yourself. 'I' is so overused, to people even understand what it means? I, me, myself. Not your name, I is just you.

I wish my brain would allow me to understand this. To properly understand and be able to explain what I am hinting at. Words are so strong that they can let someone know that you love them or let someone know that you hate them. Why would you waste the strength of your words? If I say 'I love you' romantically to someone, I am going to god damn mean it. Love is a whole different matter, but 'I' and 'you' are just as significant.

I don't think much of this makes sense, but I find it is much easier to understand and organise my thoughts when they are written down, and I like to share them so that anyone who was thinking something similar can know that they are not the only ones, and I'd love to discuss it with anyone who wonders the same! I promise!

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