Saturday, 10 August 2013

I found my old blog from Year 10

I think I enjoy my 14 year old self a lot more than I do my 17 year old self, I was so spirited and excited about everything!

Anyway, I found the infamous 'anti-whaling debate post'. And I now realise just how much I miss this time of my life when everything was really funny and I really felt like we had our own community in those Science lessons.

So don't laugh too much at me, but here it is (it doesn't start at right at the beginning, I couldn't quite bring myself to quote that introduction);


But today, today, in Science last period, there was a massive debate, 'Should whaling be allowed?'.
WELL, this turned out to be hugely sensitive subject with rude remarks being spewed everywhere and even arguments sprung within tables, within tables i tell you! (If you were our Science class you would know that conflict between residents at the same table is very rare and the tables are tightly - packed and well - bonded, it's like going against your family!). The poor trainee teacher, who doesn't pronounce her h's, was a weak tickle of wind against the mighty tree trunk of terrorising students, screaming death threats and whale defences across the classroom. Our table had been assigned 'For Whaling' which i was deeply set against and quickly betrayed my group and quarrelled with the opposing minded Warthog, who was comparing convincingly, Britons and Cows with Articans and Whales, 'it's just the same as cowing, pigging and chickening!' to which Matt replied, 'you don't harpoon a cow in the head!'. So, as you can see, the battle which started evenly matched was edging towards 'Anti - Whaling' rapidly. The classroom was filled with hysteric laughter, at various in and over table battles, screaming students, our normal teacher and trainee one were positively amused but shocked at the sudden transformation of seemingly sane teenagers into vicious, opinionated animals.
Anti - Whaling won in the end, to the burning fury of Danielle (Warthog), and various other class members, including Daniel, belonging to our table, - who was furious at losing the Glue War and now the Whale war - sat scowling and throwing insults at other tables, (especially the Glue foes). Holly (Gorm), Hayley (Cactus) and Lauren (Queen) were all in hysterics, and i was quietly - but obviously - celebrating victory, as much as i hated to admit it, the Glue foes had won again, but i feel i did help as i still fighted against them, even if we were of the same opinion, we just don't really like each other, but outside Science, we're perfectly okay.

I do kind of wish I was still that over-enthusiastic person. I really am gonna try my very hardest to become her again.

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