Sunday, 21 July 2013

Today's Thoughts

I'm so obsessed with doing things perfectly the first time that I will never try anything new.

I need to relax and understand that no one expects you to do something perfectly first time - and if they do they're being very unreasonable - and no one will judge you on your first attempt.

I feel like any effort I put into something that doesn't turn out exactly how I planned it is wasted effort, and that's pretty much just ridiculous.

Practice makes perfect, and every time you do something you are bound to improve in some way. As long as it is good practice, and not developing bad habits, you will have gotten better. But even then, developing bad habits is a noticeable difference, a change that has happening by keeping at it, it's still proof of development.

So, instead of being so uptight, I need to let go of my own expectations of myself (and others') and just enjoy something, rather than always trying to be impressive, as that is how you discover new and wonderful things; by experimenting and doing what comes to you.

I don't know when I got this way, I never used to be so perfectionist. It almost seems an outrageous word to describe myself with. I gotta let loose.

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