Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Today's Thoughts #2

Instead of wallowing in the fact that you are having a hard time or things feel a bit hopeless and static, just pretend everything is awesome!

Fill your time with fulfilling things. Bake, write, draw, play, make, do; anything that has reward and a physical final piece.

The reason your life seems static and hopeless when you are feeling sorry for yourself, I think, is because you are doing nothing to make yourself worth being a human, with all of these capabilities and opportunities. If you just watch TV all day, you could just as well be like a vegetable or an egg. An egg with eyes. That's right. It takes no talent or skill to watch TV. Do something that proves who you are and what you are. An amazingly complex human being with the possibility to make and do incredible things.

I think that once you let this happen, and you let yourself soak up the possibilities of the world around you, like some sort of aspirational sponge, you are an inspired and empowered person, ready to visit cool places and do cool things, and make your own shit, because you have captured and channeled and controlled the elements of your creativity that you need to show the world - or just yourself - what you imagine and what you want to see.

Instead of feeling like the ceiling of your mind is pushing down on your thoughts, and only allowing you certain emotions and memories that will hurt you and sadden you; just stand on the top of a windy hill and get over yourself.

The sky, the clouds, the trees, the soil under your feet, the rain, the sun. The things that were here before you and will be here after you. They don't give a shit that you got turned down for a job, or your friends can't come to yours cos they're busy, or you had an argument, or your relationship has gone to shit, or you don't know what you want to do after school, or you don't like school now, or your mum won't let you have an Xbox One, or have alcohol at your friends party. So neither should you.

They have been there for decades, or centuries, or always, and they haven't got that far and been present for so long by feeling down and being mardy.

Just swallow the lump in your throat and get on with stuff, harden up and grasp what gives you positive feelings, and don't think about what makes you negative.

Don't forget just don't give in.

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